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Kim Spruell has over 20 years of experience in the screen printing industry. She has taught many screen printers the ins and outs of the business. Let her experience save you time, money and effort. You CAN make money in screen printing and she can show you how to do it the smart way.

Check out our YouTube Channel  to see some of the things you can learn from Kim.

Are you new to Screen Printing?
Need help setting up your shop and picking the right equipment?
Want to understand what chemicals you need, don't need, and why?
Are your colors inconsistent?
Tired of breaking screens?
Do you have nightmares about dark garments?
Tired of spending $$$ on specialty inks?
Do you have the Artwork Blues?
Is your registration.. not quite registering?
Are you about to make the transition from a manual press to
an automated press?

Every package is custom built to meet your company's needs. You come to us, or we can come to you.

Our most popular packages include:

One-on-one consultation: This package id best suited for an existing shop 5 years or younger. We address specific problems with the production manager that your shop has been experiencing. Hands on techniques to getting more for your money with your equipment.  Includes 30 days of phone support, and you are signed up for our monthly Newsletter "Screen Printing the Smart Way" filled with tips, tricks and timesavers.

Group Package: We spend one to two full days with your staff (up to 5 people) teaching proper techniques from prepress to production to cleanup. Includes 30 days of limited phone support and Newsletter.

Business setup: Everything from laying out your shop to ordering the best chemicals and products. Skip the hard part, let Kim share  with you what she's learned from the 'School of Hard Knocks'. Includes 90 days of phone support and Newsletter.

Marketing: Have your sales fizzled? Let Kim help you brainstorm for the markets you want to hit opening up free and inexpensive ways to advertise, online resources, and creating a niche in your market.

We can help you start your screen printing business of streamline the one you've got!

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